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What Our Pensacola Orthodontic Patients Have to Say!

Dr. Randall Rigsby, your local Pensacola, Pace and Crestview orthodontist, works tirelessly to provide individualized treatment plans that generate results that last a lifetime. Dr. Rigsby and his Pensacola orthodontics team understand the impact a beautiful smile can have on a patient’s life. This is why we do our best to provide our patients with state-of-the-art care in an office where they feel like family. Take a look at what our patients have to say below, and feel free to send in your own testimonial. We appreciate any and all feedback you can provide us!



Kayla R, Pensacola, FL • I am so happy I chose Dr. Rigsby and his crew. I love coming in and seeing all smiles. Such a positive place. Definitely recommend people to go to Dr. Rigsby. They are all so nice. They have definitely become family.

Traci W, Pensacola, FL • Thank you so much for a great job Dr. Rigsby!!! The team members are Awesome and we just had a wonderful experience . Thank you for making Christian feel so comfortable.

Lisa D, Crestview, FL • Dr. Rigsby took me on as a transfer patient, and my only regret was not finding him first! He is a master at his craft! He communicates very genuinely with his patients and has a comforting and soothing presence about him, his humble confidence above all is what makes it so easy to trust him as your doctor. He's given me a smile that shows how happy I am!

Ken K, Pensacola, FL  Dr. Rigsby is amazing! I can't believe how he is fixing my daughter's teeth! Thank you for fixing her smile!

Ronee L, Cantonment, FL Awesome staff and an amazing orthodontist!!! We love Dr. Rigsby and staff!!

Laurie K, Pensacola, FL • LOVE Dr Rigsby's office staff and personnel. A great group of people.

Julia E, Pensacola, FL  Thank you Dr. Rigsby for taking such good care of all 4 of our children! You are a blessing to us!

Mandy P, Pensacola, FL • Thanks to the whole staff for making orthodontics pleasant. Everyone is so pleasant and eager to make everyone's visit personal. Dr. Rigsby was so professional but personal at the same time, you made it very easy and was so comforting. Thank you for EVERYTHING

Holley M, Pensacola, FL • Dr. Rigsby is so fantastic. He has been wonderful to me through every step of the process and he is absolutely amazing at what he does. So glad we found him first when we were searching for an Orthodontist because he is THE BEST! The staff is so knowlegeable and friendly too! Thank you Rigsby Orthodontics! 

Charlotte F, Cantonment, FL  Dr Rigsby and his office are awesome! So glad we chose to go with them!!!

Timothy G, Pensacola, FL • The Rigsby's and staff are some of the kindest people you will ever meet. I'm so happy with my smile that now my children are going to Dr. Rigsby. I wouldn't dream of using anybody else. It was fun to catch up with some of the same people that worked on me many years ago. Thank you Dr. Rigsby and Crew!!

Walter P, Pensacola, FL • All positive!!! Great Doctor, we had total confidence in all the treatments and plans set out by Dr. Rigsby. Never rushed but always a plan. Thanks Staff and Dr. Rigsby. If you need a better smile, You will love this experience and the results.

Mallory T, Pensacola, FL • From the moment I stepped into Dr. Rigsby's office, I felt completely at east. Dr. Rigsby's initial consultation was thorough and helpful, and my treatment plan was made immediately thereafter.

Tracey A, Pensacola, FL • On January 14, 2013, I was in a car accident and had serious trauma to my teeth. My dentist saw me that evening and recommended that I see Dr. Rigsby immediately for emergency orthodontic treatment. Dr. Rigsby saw me and put braces on my lower teeth. I was seen often and then bi weekly. I can't begin to explain how pleased I am. Dr. Rigsby is an excellent orthodontist with a great deal of experience. I think, more importantly though, he is very caring and compassionate. I am extremely satifisfied with the level of care that I have received. His staff is also fantastic! Everyone is very professional, friendly and great at their job! I will be taking my daughter to Dr. Rigsby's office for her orthodontic consultation. I highly recommend this office to anyone seeking orthodontic care.

Jason W, Cantonment, FL • Couldn't have been more blown away by the staff at Rigsby Orthodontics with our initial consultation. Everyone was friendly and was happy to assist us with our daughter's upcoming Orthodontic care. Dr. Rigsby assured my daughter that she will be well taken care of and not to worry. My wife also needed the comforting, so now she is at ease too.
Thank you for your help, and we look forward to you taking care of our family.

Angela M, Pensacola, FL • Love the location! Love Dr. Rigsby and all of his staff! Great Customer Service! They always have a PERFECT SMILE waiting to greet you! Great Competitions! Recommend this location to everyone!

Rich H, Pensacola, FL • Dr Rigby is fantastic! Very good at what he does!

"IT WAS AWESOME! I really enjoyed every visit to the facility. The entire staff is really nice. I love my smile! My teeth are perfect because of Dr. Rigsby and his staff."

"My (our) time with Dr. Rigsby's office was extremely pleasant and tranquil. The staff was helpful and very accommodating. I am very happy with my smile and how it helps me feel confident with my social life."

"Rigsby Orthodontics has given me the opportunity to display the smile I've always had on the inside outward for the world to see. The results have inspired me to be an orthodontist and help others like Dr. Rigsby has. I'll always keep smiling thanks to you!"

"It's a common maxim that 'the teenage years are the most formative.' This isn't just a physical claim though, growing from a child to adult is a process that encompasses both body and mind. For two years of this time, I had braces. Cosmetic change, right? Well, not really. While braces might just be brackets on your teeth for some, for me it was almost a mentorship. Without fail, every six to eight weeks I sat down in a chair and was taught life lessons. 'Don't give up on your goals' was masked behind 'keep brushing!' Just like 'floss every night' really meant not to give up on the important, though tedious, things. The relationship I have with Dr. Rigsby and his staff is one I sincerely miss now that I am only in for retainer checks. It may seem a funny thing to miss, but not for me. The reason I smile at the orthodontist isn't to show off my straightened teeth, but because of the confidence I have from the love of the people there."

"I used to have really messed up teeth before I had braces. After going to Dr. Rigsby and getting my braces off, I get so many compliments wherever I go! If it wasn't for him, my teeth wouldn't look nearly as good as they do now. The staff at Dr. Rigsby's office are all nice and helpful, and you eventually start to feel right at home. Whenever someone I know is about to start going to an orthodontist, I recommend Dr. Rigsby. He's the best!"


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